Project 2021

Invisibility -Attempt to Exist

Invisible but certainly present, visible but not present, invisible now but visible someday .... Can we change the common sense of "existence" that we take for granted with the theme of invisibility? We began to think about this in 2019. We have lost "common sense" and "normality" due to the "invisible" existence of COVID-19 and rapid climate crisis. This is why we are reaffirming that the above-mentioned question is increasingly valid. Because "invisibility" is based on the expectation that “there is something there.” In other words, it is a feeling of expectancy to the visible moment. When you happen to discover something you couldn't see before, a feeling that surpasses the "Visual information" you've been seeing comes up in your body. It is your imagination that appears when you face the question of "invisible." The works on the theme of invisibility by the two artists are certainly here, but what you will imagine and discover from their works will surely be a scene different from anyone else's. We believe that this imagination will give us "hope" and "possibilities" for a future society where we do not know what will happen. Please enjoy the invisible scenes hidden in these artworks. Take your time to imagine the diversity of "existence".

RESONANCE MATERIALS Project 2021 "Invisibility - Attempt to Exist"

: DESIGNART TOKYO 2021 /5-13-2, Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku,
Ars Gallery Omotesando (5-13-1, Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo)
:October 22 - 31, 2021,
11:00am - 7:00pm / Admission Free
(Tokyo University of the Arts)


Artworks in DESIGNART
TOKYO 2021

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The RESONANCE MATERIALS Project is a joint project launched in 2018 by GEIDAI FACTORY LAB, Tokyo University of the Arts and WOW! Lab. The experimental collaboration between GEIDAI FACTORY LAB, which considers materials and physical sensations, and WOW! Lab, which considers emotional movements and society, began to move forward with the consensus of enthusiasm that "We want to be a part of Milano Design Week." .. Since then, we’ve been trying to make the inside of materials and humans resonate through art. In Milan Design Week 2018, our first exhibition, we focused on physically experiencing the materials. And in Milan Design Week 2019, our secondary exhibition, we focused on the perception beyond the actual feeling. And in this DESIGN ART TOKYO 2021, we now focus on the expansion of perception. Through these challenges and considerations, we question the value of haptic sensation and actual experiencing, and the way of communication in the future.

By using our facilities and artistic skills, we collaborate on various types of projects with organizations outside of our lab. Our goal is to research the value of creation from different points of view and share our discoveries with the community.

[ Project Member ] Kazumasa Saegusa and Kentaro Terada

You are impressed with your very personal feelings. That is what we call “KANDO”. In today's world where diversity is called for, we carefully scoop up and visualize unique thoughts and optimize them for social meaning and effects ... We contribute to the formation of a rich and emotional society.

[ Project Member ] Nozomu Matsumoto, Toshiaki Nakai and Tatsunori Fukuda

Past Exhibitions

in Milan Design Week

in Milan Design Week


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