Project 2018 
in Milan Design Week 2018,

Japanese religion is based on polytheism. “God of eight million” is a phrase which expresses what we Japanese believe and means that every object possesses the spirit. Art is originally the method of conveying the spirit into the object. Today our lifestyle is rapidly changing in a way that we cannot quite grasp because technology and IOT develops outside of our personal control. Within such a reality, to what degree can we actually rely on our physical senses?

This project encourages us to shift our perspective onto tangible material as opposed to the societal view which is dominated by the virtual medium. We mediate through art and try to realize the revival of the sensory experience and convey the character of resistance to being shaped and formed that the materials inherently posess. By being sensitive to the inner voice of the materials; glass, cloisonné, stone, manicure, steel, brass, stainless steel, wood (camphor tree, Japanese cypress etc.), the process of creating the pieces become an integral part of the art object. This approach may be valuable in forming a better understanding of the materials themselves and thereby a better understanding of the objects created. Our aim is to connect and create a platform for cooperation with all who are intrigued by the concept of this project. This project begins here in Milan Design Week 2018 by perceiving the internal communication of the materials from the Japanese point of view.

When touching the objects, it is more than just the materials that are being experienced. The objects resonate with the complex handling performed by the artist, the traditional techniques used to combine the materials and the artists’ creativity. This evokes a value of sympathy to the processes and materials between the works and the audience.

In this project, the shared moments experienced by the audience within the space and with their interaction with the objects assists in the recognition of the value of such experiences and encourage the pursuit of similar future events.

:April 17th to 22nd, 2018
:Milan Design Week、
Fuori Salone /
TORTONA、Opficio 31
:Tokyo University of the Arts,MURAYAMA Inc.

Artworks in Milan Design Week 2018

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